Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Investing in Art now

As a full time painter (in pastels) I am always thinking of ways to get art out the door. And it seems to me that now is a great time to invest in smaller format original art.

At Daily Painters New Mexico ( there is a group of us that get, at least, a painting a week posted on our website. These paintings range from 4x6 to 10x10 inches and are less than $500 unframed.

All of us are in brick and morter galleries. Many of us have had museum shows. I am invited back to Cowgirl Up! at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg ( the last weekend of March this year.

We paint a painting a week as part of the discipline and rhythm of the artistic life....a commitment to our art.

This also gives the investor another chance to purchase art from painters in their mid-career.

I am reminded of an investor (note I am not mentioning collectors here....many collectors just buy because they HAVE to have a certain painter or painting) who used to enjoy buying/speculating on artists BEFORE they were famous.

This guy had educated himself in art and had confidence in his taste and ability to find good artists and didn't really care if other folks approved of his selections.

When he asked his niece what she would like for her wedding present she pointed to one of the paintings. It turned out to be a very early Jamie Wyeth. Good choice all around.

Here's to good taste, moderation, and creative work all around, Nance

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